Custom Chef Spoons

Custom Chef Spoons are noteworthy culinary instruments designed by a veteran chef to meet the specific demands of the industry. Your customized design will be featured within the 18/10 stainless steel handle.

Would you rather give your brand ambassadors and industry leaders an unparalleled, customized tool with your logo on it that all but guarantees a lifetime of use; or would you rather give more office supplies with your logo for people to throw away?

Custom Original Chef Spoons and Custom Perforated Original Chef Spoons are gifts people actually want to receive&#8212and then be given again the next year. To be honest, they’ll probably be bummed if they don’t get another one after they get that first Custom Chef Spoon taste.

Custom Chef Spoons don’t just apply to culinary big-wigs. Custom Chef Spoons are for everybody who enjoys cooking.

If you aren’t already envisioning how Custom Chef Spoons apply to your life, we urge you to click on this product and read its description.

We said the Custom Chef Spoon was “noteworthy.”

Noteworthy because these patented spoons are the first utensils on the market with handles featuring original artwork encased in epoxy resin. Bonus: This resin meets FDA-approval requirements for food contact, is dishwasher-safe, and can withstand temperatures over 300˚.

What we failed to mention is, the Custom Chef Spoon is “revolutionary.”

Revolutionary because you can have your very own Custom Original Chef Spoon and/or Custom Perforated Original Chef Spoon designed exactly as you please, assuming you aren’t violating any copyright restrictions, of course.

Yeah, we hate to say it, but it had to happen sooner or later . . .

Move over spork.

There is finally a new utensil on the scene, and were we you, spork, we’d be afraid. Because, already, people covet them; they are that good.

And, yes, we admit, the spork was revolutionary. It’s just, now Custom Chef Spoons exist.

Happy 2018 to all y'all spooners!!! Thank you for making this past year a great success for us. You have proven that Chef Spoons are here to stay.
Let' grow this family into THE STANDARD kitchen tool for cooking, plating, tasting, and serving.
Sometimes, but not all the time, it could take up to 3-4 weeks to get your order out.
I make each spoon by hand, to order. We thank you for your continued patience.. Thanks again y'all. Adam Dismiss