Hooray! Stuff on Sale!

We know, everyone loves a good sale. Assuming we remember to do so, every Sunday, we’re going to announce a new special for the week. Our intention is for each to last only a week; however, we’ll admit, we aren’t the best at staying on top of everything. Therefore,┬áit is highly possible one Sunday’s Spoonin’ Special Sale will continue for multiple Sundays. Oops. Our bad.

Before we go any further,a brief musical interlude . . .

We’ve got that Special Spoonin’. Whoah, that Special Spoonin’! We’ve got that Special Spoonin’, and it’s on sale. Right. Now. Whoah-oah-oh. Bu-doomp, bu-doomp, bu-doomp-bu-doomp-bu-doomp. Bu-doomp, bu-doomp, bu-doomp-bu-doomp-bu-doomp.

[Sorry, we should have told you to put on a helmet before we blew your mind with our lyrical prowess and totally (not!) original beats.]

Click on the image below to find out about this week’s special!

Please note: All Spoons with Art are meticulously handcrafted by one man. For this reason, please allow up to four weeks for shipment. We appreciate your patience. Thanks for Spoonin' y'all! Dismiss