Shall we begin Our Story? Yes, yes, we think so.

Over the course of his twenty-plus years in the industry, the man behind Chef Spoons, Adam Aschner, cooked in kitchens—professional and shady—hotels, bungalows, and estates. He cooked in state and out of the country. Throughout his travels, he embraced the world as an interactive classroom, which allowed for an unparalleled and truly authentic, hands-on culinary experience.

Chef Adam in His Kitchen at Sea.Our Story

Chef Adam Aschner in his kitchen aboard a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea.

Since he spent that latter half of his career working as a private chef, alone in the kitchen, Adam wasn’t used to other people using his tools. But, after he and his best friend of fifteen years got married, spending six months at a time overseas somehow lost its appealing. So Adam returned to restaurants. He quickly found out, though no chef would dare touch another chef’s knives, nobody had a problem jacking his favorite plating spoon. Frustrated, he went home, found something cool he and his wife had made, and glued it to his spoon. There! Nobody was going to take his spoon now! Well, at least, nobody was going to get away with taking it.

Little did Adam know, he had just created the first Chef Spoon prototype.

The First Prototype.Our Story

Fred, from TeDAM!'s Zombie Series, became the original Original Chef Spoon.

The other guys in the kitchen were in awe of his spoon, and they all wanted one. Adam ends up making half a dozen spoons, each with its own piece of original artwork, courtesy of TeDAM! Everyone dug was he had done. They thought it was really clever.

Adam wasn’t satisfied, though. He didn’t like the way the spoon felt in his hand, what with the art piece attached. It was uncomfortable, got in the way. He wanted a user-friendly spoon, and he wanted it to be utilitarian. Looking cool didn’t matter if it wasn’t functional. So, he starts drilling holes in spoons and filling them with TeDAM!’s shrinky dink art and epoxy resin, really making quite a mess of the house.

Hole Lotta Grudge.Our Story

“Hole Lotta “Resin”ated Grudge

But, Adam was on to something.

Proof of Concept.Our Story

Proof of Concept

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